Saturday, June 23, 2012


I finally finished DH's Sweater!!!  Sleeves are on, but they are too long.  May need to shorten them.  Will see with some washes first.

 I have more fiber to spin.  This will be a gift so no pics until it is done.  I am working on my alpaca fiber purchase.  I am trying long draw, but the fiber was filthy.  Loads of veggie matter (at least I hope it was veggie).  I combed and carded the fiber again (with slicker brushes and mane combs from central tractor)  it is cleaner, but now it is in smaller bits and lets just say I am getting a lot of practice adding in fiber as I spin.  Would also help if I spun at the same ratio as the first 2oz.

So purest fiber preppers look away...
I tried to price fiber combs and hand carders online and WOW!  I can't afford that.  I don't plan on processing my own fiber anytime soon.  SO I was thinking that the had cards look like dog brushes (really big dog brushes)  and the combs you just need to have something hold the fiber while you use another to straighten the fiber and pull out all the bad bits (the mane and tail pullers look like they may work)

Tractor Supply here I come.
Center is my Ashford Flick Carder with my new hand "carders" and "combs"

I know they are not optimal.  I get small rolags and combing takes some time, but and it is a big but, for the amount of fiber processing I plan on doing in the foreseeable future 26 bucks beats the price of the real carders and combs.  Heck I paid 20 for the Ashford flick carder.  So until I can afford the right tools I will make sure I don't buy a raw fleece and I will make sure the fiber is cleaner than the one I just bought.

Have a great day

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