Wednesday, July 11, 2012

From Alpaca Hell to some nice yarn

Well I finished the dirty alpaca fiber and Navajo Plied it to the tune of 255 yards of a dk weight.  It is kinda rustic thick and thin, and I'm thinking about a cowl or small scarf.  I am not sure of the color though.  I may give dyeing a try.  LaLa from The Knit Girllls podcast said acid dyes are good.  So I will check out the Knitpicks starter set.
Working on The Dragon Tongue socks still.  On the gusset almost to the heel turn on sock #2.  I have to reconfigure the pattern to mirror the first.  A LOT OF WRITING!  But it is turning out well and I am seeing how what I do to a stitch will affect  how it looks.  I will ask the designer if I can post my written instructions to go with her charts on the blog.
Garden is going gangbusters!  I'm going to have tons of tomatoes,  I'm down to 3 heads of lettuce.  One has bolted and the other three are getting close.  I am going to try to save seeds for next year, but in my gardens, lettuce is a perennial.  The zucchini is prolific of course, but the yellow squash is just not producing well.  Cucumbers are growing tons of flowers but I only have 3 cukes.  
Here are some picks of the yarn I finished.
Closer to the real color

this pic is closer to the color of the unspun fiber