Monday, February 6, 2012

Spinning with the Knit Girllls

Well before I knew about the Breed of the month with the Knit Girllls I purchased a sampler pack of fiber from WoolGatherings.  LOVE IT.  I have already spun 2 one ounce bumps of fiber on the Girllls list and I am working on another.  I know I have 2 months to spin each type of wool, but being a new spinner I am giving every thing a try so I can learn my wheel and fibers.  I ended up with 55 yards of Grey Masham and 65 yards of Shetland Humbug.  There is some thick and thin in the yarn, but it is pretty well balanced as a plied yarn.  I plied 2 singles of the Masham and Navajo plied the Shetland.  I am pleased with the Shetland.  Here are some pics.
Shetland Humbug Hand Spun
Shetland Humbug

Grey Masham Hand Spun
Grey Masham

I am also working on Gush or Dragon Tongue Socks a sweater for Wiley and a Scarf for my favorite "Wicked" step mother.  No really I love her dearly!