Saturday, June 4, 2011

Knitting and Gardening Storm

Well I have been gardening my heart out and have successfully moved most of my shade garden.  I tried to move 2 rose bushes that suddenly appeared in another garden, but I broke the tap root on one too close to the plant, so I think that one is done for.  The other one is looking pretty pitiful, but I think it may survive.  I have 2 more flats of plants and flowers to go into the ground so I am going to finish my chores so I can get out and dig.
Knitting is getting a work out also.  I have turned the heel on the recast on sock and I am doing the gussett decreases.  Seems that the sock will fit better this time.  Also I have been putting on some rows on the back of DH's sweater.  I have 2 more inches to get to his shoulders and then I can bind off and pick up the front.  Not sure how to do the short rows, but I will figure it out.  The circle sweater is coming along and I am getting good at turning cables without a cable needles.  Now if I could only remember the pattern, it would go sooo much faster.
Well I had better stop procrastinating and get going, I do have to work today also...