Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Really almost another year?

Okay I am really gonna try...
The end of second year of college for the girls... where does the time go.  Just waiting of grades.  Both have boyfriends (oh my god when did they grow up).  Need to de-clutter... to much stuff.  Having a garage sale (that is just so funny).

Knitting, trying to get all the WIP's done so I can cast on new things.  I still love socks and shawls.  Finished a pair for one girl and cast on 2 at a time for each girl.  One red one blue.  Makes it easier to recognize I just knit them together.  I also finished the Drachenfels Shawl.

Spinning, haven't really been doing much.  I think I will bring my bobbin and flyer to Hemlock if the guy is there this year.  Still don't like merino. I have a ton of it...

Gardening, well gonna try to fire up the rototiller and expand the garden.  Right? I need more space for weeds.  Have to move the roses and the strawberry garden is collapsing.  I need to shore up the patio concrete soon.  The whole hill is sliding.  Also looking to put in a water feature this year.  Who knows where.

Okay a bit ambitious but I have a really nice camera and I need to start using it.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Second Year of College to begin

Well year number two is fast approaching.  I don't have the anxiety of last year, but I am stressing about getting everything up there again.  Best thing the girls did was rent a storage locker up the street from the college.  Not sure how we will get it all home after the last year, but I got it there, so I can car tetris it home!

Knitting, I have started another project and I have not finished anything currently on my needles.  MMMM I just get bored or the draw of a pattern is just to great.

Spinning, I did another braid and am going to leave it as singles.  I did wind off the alpaca and I think I will Navajo ply it.  I have another bump of alpaca in brown that I think I will try to match and knit some warm winter gear for Hubby and I.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Almost a year gone by...

Well I am definitely not a blogger.

Knitting, I am puttering along and finding tons I want to do with tons on the needles.  Nothing really accomplished.  I have one thing I want to do for an up coming wedding....

Spinning, I did spin another braid of fiber.  The picture is not the greatest.  It is really the colors of Neapolitan ice cream.  I will add it to my stash.
 I have some alpaca on the CPW right now.  I need to find more bobbins.  I only have one.  This means shipping parts to a wood smith and trusting USPS and the wood smith to get it back to me in one piece... I don't know if I have that kind of trust.  the wheel is over 100 years old ( I think).

Gardening, Love the rain, Hate the weeds.  I think I have poison ivy in my front bushes.  We have had strawberries and lettuce from our edible gardens.  I had to fence it this year.  The cats love the fresh dug dirt and the varmints love the tender veggies.

Family, the girls did amazing!  They made new friends, are more outgoing, and Both made Deans list.  DH found a more permanent job (although on nights) and we are finally getting some breathing room.

I hope to settle into our new routine and get some things done around the house.  Some new paint, a new carpet....

I guess that is all for now.  Until I think of posting again.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Where to begin....
My children went off to college yesterday.  I feel sadness and joy, fear and peace, but most of all I feel accomplishment.
My husband and I have successfully raised good kids and I have full confidence they will succeed in life.  It is time now for them to find their way on their own, but we will always be there to support them.

I am the most proud parent right now!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Blogging is not my strong suit.

I just really don't think I have much to say.  I really want to chronicle my journey, but I struggle with content.
I have decided that fiber arts are the way I need to go.  It is visceral.  I NEED to spin and knit.  I NEED the feel of the natural fiber slipping through my fingers.  With every fiber of my being, I NEED fiber.
Looking at pictures of fiber and yarn gets my creativity going.  I pick patterns and then decide how to modify them to best fit my needs.
I would love to design in the future, but I feel I need more time with the fiber.  Time to learn the ways each fiber is different, how they behave, and what works with what patterns.
I also want to dye fiber and yarn.  I don't think I have an eye for color or how the dyed fiber will look spun or the yarn knit.
For now knitting and spinning will feed my soul.

A few of my spinning successes.  You can find more detail at Ravelry under my rav name msbusyneedles

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's Been A While

Well it has been a while.  I have been knitting and have a case of cast on-itis.  I just have to start all the things.  I am still working on Jenn's sweater.   I have one and a half sleeves and the collar.  Then I will cast on for Ashh's sweater.  I have the fishy socks on the needles.  The lips are done and connected with about 1 inch of the leg done.  I will have to weigh the skein as I go because I don't think I will have enough for 2 socks and the fins.  We will see.  I spun 2 braids of Highland Handmades Falkland in the Dionysus colorway.  the first was Navajo plied and then the other was fractal spun and 2 plied.  Love them both.
Here are both Skeins

Navajo Plied

Fractal Spun 2 ply

The fiber was a joy to spin.  I highly recommend stalking her shop to get some fiber!  She is also a talented designer.  I think next on the wheel will be some Fibernymph.  I just love her stuff too!

I am going to Tennessee this summer to SSK!
I am so excited.  The retreat is paid for and I am booked on my flight.  
Enough for now...
Hopefully I can get into this blogging again.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

From Alpaca Hell to some nice yarn

Well I finished the dirty alpaca fiber and Navajo Plied it to the tune of 255 yards of a dk weight.  It is kinda rustic thick and thin, and I'm thinking about a cowl or small scarf.  I am not sure of the color though.  I may give dyeing a try.  LaLa from The Knit Girllls podcast said acid dyes are good.  So I will check out the Knitpicks starter set.
Working on The Dragon Tongue socks still.  On the gusset almost to the heel turn on sock #2.  I have to reconfigure the pattern to mirror the first.  A LOT OF WRITING!  But it is turning out well and I am seeing how what I do to a stitch will affect  how it looks.  I will ask the designer if I can post my written instructions to go with her charts on the blog.
Garden is going gangbusters!  I'm going to have tons of tomatoes,  I'm down to 3 heads of lettuce.  One has bolted and the other three are getting close.  I am going to try to save seeds for next year, but in my gardens, lettuce is a perennial.  The zucchini is prolific of course, but the yellow squash is just not producing well.  Cucumbers are growing tons of flowers but I only have 3 cukes.  
Here are some picks of the yarn I finished.
Closer to the real color

this pic is closer to the color of the unspun fiber