Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's Been A While

Well it has been a while.  I have been knitting and have a case of cast on-itis.  I just have to start all the things.  I am still working on Jenn's sweater.   I have one and a half sleeves and the collar.  Then I will cast on for Ashh's sweater.  I have the fishy socks on the needles.  The lips are done and connected with about 1 inch of the leg done.  I will have to weigh the skein as I go because I don't think I will have enough for 2 socks and the fins.  We will see.  I spun 2 braids of Highland Handmades Falkland in the Dionysus colorway.  the first was Navajo plied and then the other was fractal spun and 2 plied.  Love them both.
Here are both Skeins

Navajo Plied

Fractal Spun 2 ply

The fiber was a joy to spin.  I highly recommend stalking her shop to get some fiber!  She is also a talented designer.  I think next on the wheel will be some Fibernymph.  I just love her stuff too!

I am going to Tennessee this summer to SSK!
I am so excited.  The retreat is paid for and I am booked on my flight.  
Enough for now...
Hopefully I can get into this blogging again.

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