Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Really almost another year?

Okay I am really gonna try...
The end of second year of college for the girls... where does the time go.  Just waiting of grades.  Both have boyfriends (oh my god when did they grow up).  Need to de-clutter... to much stuff.  Having a garage sale (that is just so funny).

Knitting, trying to get all the WIP's done so I can cast on new things.  I still love socks and shawls.  Finished a pair for one girl and cast on 2 at a time for each girl.  One red one blue.  Makes it easier to recognize I just knit them together.  I also finished the Drachenfels Shawl.

Spinning, haven't really been doing much.  I think I will bring my bobbin and flyer to Hemlock if the guy is there this year.  Still don't like merino. I have a ton of it...

Gardening, well gonna try to fire up the rototiller and expand the garden.  Right? I need more space for weeds.  Have to move the roses and the strawberry garden is collapsing.  I need to shore up the patio concrete soon.  The whole hill is sliding.  Also looking to put in a water feature this year.  Who knows where.

Okay a bit ambitious but I have a really nice camera and I need to start using it.