Monday, August 24, 2015

Second Year of College to begin

Well year number two is fast approaching.  I don't have the anxiety of last year, but I am stressing about getting everything up there again.  Best thing the girls did was rent a storage locker up the street from the college.  Not sure how we will get it all home after the last year, but I got it there, so I can car tetris it home!

Knitting, I have started another project and I have not finished anything currently on my needles.  MMMM I just get bored or the draw of a pattern is just to great.

Spinning, I did another braid and am going to leave it as singles.  I did wind off the alpaca and I think I will Navajo ply it.  I have another bump of alpaca in brown that I think I will try to match and knit some warm winter gear for Hubby and I.

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