Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Day Off

Today I am taking a day off... Well a bit of laundry some vacuuming, but no work.  We are having FIL over for dinner.  I will be knitting on the remainder of yarn from SIL gloves.  I am hoping to have enough for a buttoned very small scarf.  Still at the same point on the socks for DD #1 and the sleeves are still needing to be sewn on. Guess I am having finishers remorse on that sweater.  I finished Multnomah in 5 days and got it blocked and photo graphed last night and today.  I love it.  DD's want to wear it as camouflage.  Yeah a nice lace shawl in the woods...NOT!

I am pleased at how soft the yarn is all washed.  I am really loving this shawl.  I hope to wear it soon.

We are headed to SIL's this weekend to help her celebrate her birthday.  Can't wait.  Maybe even a trip to the Erie Mall for some Shopping!!!
Well off to meander and switch loads...

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